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Things To Do Within Praia Del Rey

Things To Do Near Praia Del Rey


You will find there is plenty to do within the private resort of Praia Del Rey.   Take a look at the different activities the resort has to offer.

- Golf Clubhouse
- Tennis Club
- Marriot
- concierge service
- Private Beach Access
- gift shop and convenience store
praia del rey villa golf clubhouse
Golf Clubhouse
The clubhouse offers access to the world class 18-hole golf course that runs throughout the resort. There is also fine dining and leisurely rest areas. Learn more about Praia Del Rey World Class Golf. 

praia del rey villa tennis court
Tennis Club
With courts a block away, you may find yourself playing a couple matches of tennis before your trip is over.

praia del rey villa beach 2
Beach Access
A ten minute walk will take you to some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in Portugal. Be entertained by surfers, or join them with your own gear. Lay out and soak in the sun, build a sand castle, or comb the beaches for unique rocks. Take a look at some random photos of PDR beaches from various photographers.
praia del rey villa marriot pool

Praia Del Rey Marriott Resort
Even closer than the beach is the Marriott Resort. Visit the official Marriott resort website here.

Here is a list of activities the Marriot provides:

- membership access* to outdoor and indoor pools, workout facilities, towels, outdoor lounge area, and beachfront seating.
- poolside bar and restaurant
- two indoor restaurants
- internet access*


Ready to explorer Western Portugal?  Take a look at the different activities offered near Praia Del Rey.

praia del rey villa obidos
Only minutes away from PDR, This mideval walled town may be the most interesting historic site in Portugal.   Here you will find amazing photgraphy of Obidos.  You can also read more about about Obidos from Wikipedia here.
praia del rey villa peniche beach
Just a twenty minute drive from PDR lies the hotspot of Peniche. This bustling harbour town presents everything from shopping, & oceanfront dining to scuba diving and surf lessons. With rows of public beaches and picturesque scenery, there's never a dull moment in Peniche. Here you will find incredible photos.

praia del rey villa berlengas island
Berlengas Islands
Take one of the hourly boat taxis to true paradise. Just off the shore of Peniche lies the pristine natural reserve called Berlengas Islands. A small private beach facilitates extraordiary snorkelling, while a thirty minute hike will take you across the entire main island. Fit with a working lighthouse, restaurant, cafe, restrooms, camping grounds, and historic fort, this island has it all. Take a look at some astonishing photos of the islands.
praia del rey villa wine
Vineyards & Wineries
PDR is in the heart of the Oeste region - "the land of sea and vineyards." Spend a day at one of the hundreds of vineyards, or relax with one of the largest (and cheapest) selections of world-class wines.

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- set within a quiet villa neighborhood of the resort
- near the resort tennis club
- 10 minute walk to the beach
- Multiple beach access points in the resort
- 5 minute walk to the golf clubhouse
- 10 minute walk to the Praia del Rey Marriot

- maid service
- "call-in & pick-up" food order service from clubhouse
- excellent on-call assistance from on-site resort office

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